Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i've got something to share

ok here is the dark grey v-neck long sleeve that i just bought! guess how much? highlight the words after this sentence and u will know... $21.50. effin cheap rite? i know i know. haha. i shall story tell what happened.

so i was shopping for joey's present, so i bought the things for him already, so i went pass bossini, so i saw purple polo tee that was on sale for only $15, so i went around to see if there is other things that i want, so i actually wanted to buy the purple polo tee, so i saw this v-neck which was priced at $43, so i thought it was already very affordable, so i picked this instead of the purple polo tee, so i already wanted to pay the full price, so the cashier told me there is 50% discount, so i bought it at half price, so i was happy that i got what i wanted! weee. how nice rite:)

this really make my day u know. i know it might seem dumb to u, but it is really happy to get something u really want at such a low price. have been finding something like that for so long, found alot of nice ones but they are like priced at 70+ 80+? mad dogs only will buy them la. haha. anyway below are photos of this v-neck from other angles in case u hate my effin face. LOL.

LOL and let me storytell another matter about what happened at bossini: side story:) when i was choosing the clothes so this salesgirl was busy arranging clothes. then i kept asking her about getting me the S sizes and stuff. then she keep looking at me, like walao. so i bought this v-neck and i see if i still can get any cheap stuff or not, then i asked her about pants which was sold at $29.00. she says that is girl's cutting. LOL. then she damn lame suddenly talked to me.

Salesgirl: are u Singaporean?
Me: err...ya? why?
Salesgirl: then why are u shopping alone?
Me: erm oh i was waiting for a friend so i came in and shop.
Salesgirl: girlfriend ah? sure one la. haha
Me: erm no *laughing away* (thinking to myself when did i have a gf?-.-)
Salesgirl: aiya u want pants why not go to bugis street and buy?
Me: i don't like the quality there. their pants are like thin u noe. like going to tear apart soon.
Salesgirl: eh u are in Singapore leh, u want to wear so thick for what?
Me: aiya no la not that i want it thick la i just want good quality. i bought a pants before in Jean Perrie though it cost a lot but the colour, cutting and quality are all there.
Salesgirl: haha ok la i know u rich la.
Me: ok la whatever la i gotta go. bye:) nice talking to u.

after the whole thing i could only LOL damn hard. maybe this is the 1st time i encounter a salegirl that have friendly convo with thier customer, at least in Singapore. and she looks like she is around my age. i ain't sure what she was trying to hit though, if the target was me i really LOL loud and hard lo pls-.- ok she looks ok but i definitely don't try hard to talk to someone or consider anyone if i am not familiar with them. LOL.
ok this is about it. i want to share this blessing with u guys because i want u all to have a grab at bossini too! i asked and they say the offer will be around 1 month. while stocks last, u know XD.
ciao.i talked alot of crap today, i know. really gtg. see u folks!

Bella Sera

sorry for the late update. i am supposed to have update on this on monday.

actually i don't have much to say about prom. it was photos, photos, photos all the way. we will talk about food later. let's talk about friends 1st. friends come and go, but some are worthy to be remembered a lifetime. i will never forget that few, u guys know who u are (but that is as if u read my recently revived blog la.LOL). finally it's the end of 2 years and being frank. OUR CLASS SUX. i am not trying to bad-mouth or whatever, after all, it's already the end of 2 years, no point keeping this kinda thing inside u know. yes our class sux, cox we don't have class spirit. i see the bondage between us guys, but the rest. i just have a line: WHAT A PITY. whatever la. the 18 malaysians that i know, u guys will be remembered. rest assured:) it was fun knowing u guys for 6 years of my life though i only managed to enjoy 5 years of fun with u guys in hostel:( ok let's stop before we get emotional.

talking about prom, it was just about taking photos.seriously. anyone that is familiar, "hey let's have a shot together:)" LOL. the food sux totally, except for the 1st dish. man, u guys should hear me 1st. i actually had an 8-course dinner the night before, which was Sunday night with my mum's cg members and Aunt Cicao and Unc Tim Kee who both came down from UK. the food wasn't really fabulous, but compared what we had at Swizzotel for prom. omg i don't wanna mention it again. Aunt Cicao and Unc Tim Kee are flying back to London today. man, it's been 6 years since i last saw them. ahhh i miss Joel and Rebekah u know. well who knows actually:(

going off soon to custom to get to Joey's house. again, it's party time tonight babeh! i gonna meet Eric again. i really miss him. i am not gay i mention 1st. i really miss him cox he is my longest-knowing fren. and one of my best budds too. well i can meet him again in just hours:) wee.

tomorrow is my undang test and yet i haven't studied. how do i have the time to do so? tonight i have to party u know! whatever i gonna own the test i tell you. it's easy and cheap. ahah. maybe i am over-confident but whatever. it's gonna be easy peasy lemon squeezy:p

this will be the last day i get to have internet access i think. i will be very busy with preparation for my coming mission trip from 13-20 dec.i will have updates about the mission trip la, don't worry:) sooo....see u guys!
Quey Sera Sera, whatever will be, will be,
the future's not us to see,
Quey Sera Sera, what will be, will be...

Monday, December 7, 2009


its almost 3am and i suddenly feel like today is the day to revive my blog. whatever.

so many stuff happened this 2-3 months that i haven't been updating on but what the heck, i am not gonna update about them.

exams are over, holidays have just started, yet i feel like i have played quite enough. u know why? cox its ass boring just staying in jb and sg. what's new out there? gosh it's just new malls and new malls around. what u can do is just sing K, play pool, chill at a bar. what else? i want good themeparks rides. owh come on i love adventerous rides. bring it on! damn the Universal Studio's rides at the IR that is coming up will cost over S$100, for fcuk's sake who will want to pay that money?

ok la i know i keep complaining la :p

new moon sux did y'all know? forget about watching that movie. noob like some ass. R.Patt isn't hot at all i can't understand why it's a chick flick and that girls can go crazy after him. it would be more reasonable if Taylor is the one the chicks are after.

ok la i know am a complain king la. fine?! :D

prom is tomorrow but i am not exactly excited cox i spoiled my own hair colour. damn beng-ish. whatever.

Friday, September 25, 2009

laughter is the best medicine to most cure, but not to all.

it has been also a month since i blogged, just 1 day away from the full month.

since today is the end of weekdays and start of the weekend, i was bored at home. and so i went through some commercials and vids on youtube.

man just love laughing. tell me which day you don't laugh, probably there is, that's when something really bad happened before that and it affects your mood for that period of time. apart from that, we laugh almost every single day.

a smile is the indicator of a polite gesture; a laughter is the indicator of an enjoying moment:)

okok i will let the videos do the talking...i know there is lots of them, browse them whenever you want to view them.

haha i have seen this before. but its too funny for me not to watch it again!

seen this on vincent's blog before!its funny enough for me to post it again.haha.

i realized, there are nice condom commercials but we dont get to see them on tv for dunnowhatreasons. probably most of it are banned, like duh. XD

haha.bubble gum?

it's always good not to jump straight into conclusion. that can save you or, if not, other people, a lot of trouble. but having said that, if u misjudge under circustances like this, it might really be forgivable, especially when its really right in front of your eyes XDXD


bored of the commercials?some vids.i always choose the funnier ones, no doubt=)

i ain't sure if the 1st one really was durex. anyway this is really lunatic. i mean the condom, not the guy. i have heard of how much a condom can be stretched, like enough to fill up 1 litre of water? but not till i have seen!

you know, there is this saying, "leave the best to the end." quite true, because it will make a sweet ending.this is it and that's all folks!

i know i am a lil lunatic to just take the time to post so many videos.haha.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


yeap i survived the 21 days of blog-fasting=) that's the reason why the main page always freezes at the same spot.

anyway, i am so freaking lazy to do any shit to this blog mood and no time cox gotta mug all the way.that said, goodbye to blogging for this 3 months and hello to my new mugging world.crapp.

-A levels is in 2 and a half months'on man-

nah unless i really feel like it, if not this post will be the 1st post on my blog page for a LONG LONG time....

God help me, i know you know better than anybody how to.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[ I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn't, than live my life as if there is no God and die to find out there is.]
-Albert Camus-

Monday, July 27, 2009


The day your door is closed
The echoes fill your soul
They won't say which way to go
Just trust your heart
To find what you're here for
Open another door
But I'm not sure anymore
It's just so hard

Voices in my head, tell me they know best
Got me on the edge, they're pushin' pushin‘, they're pushin'
I know they've got a plan, but the balls in my hand
This time it's man to man, I'm droppin', fightin', it's time too!
Whole worlds upside-down, it's spinning faster
What do I do now? Cause I choke,

I don't know where to go what's the right team
I want my own thing, so bad I'm gonna scream!
I can't choose, so confused, what's it all mean?
I want my own dream, so bad I'm gonna scream!

I'm kickin' down the walls, I gotta make them fall
Just break through them all, I'm pushin', crushin' I'm gonna
Fight to find myself, me and no one else
Which way I can tell, I'm searchin, searchin', can't find a
Road that I should take, I should, tomorrow left us
Like nothing works without you

I don't know where to go what's the right team
I want my own thing, so bad I'm gonna scream!
I can't choose, so confused, what's it all mean?
I want my own dream, so bad I'm gonna scream!

Get the clocks , roll it down
Here they crowd, get loud
I can shoot by the sound
Is it her?
Is it love?
Can the music ever be enough?
Gotta work it out, gonna work it out
You can do it, you can do it!

I don't know where to go what's the right team
I want my own thing, so bad I'm gonna scream!
I can't choose, so confused, what's it all mean?
I want my own dream, so bad I'm gonna scream!

I don't know where to go what's the right team
I want my own thing, I want my own thing
I can't choose, so confused, what's it all mean?
I want my own dream, so bad I'm gonna scream!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 stayovers.

havent been blogging,so i shall update about the 2 stayovers i had...


Last Sat, 19/07/2009
It was Willy's bdae and so the P7 gang, me and joey went to charles' place for the stayover.before that, after cg time we had a nice sweaty soccer game at the church field.i havent touch the soccer ball for a year and was amazed with the 2 goals i scored.woohoo.and then went to jusco's secret recipe to buy 11 individual cheese cakes.we planned to put the 11 together to make the cake look like it has got 11 different flavours,in the end only 9 fitted in.bought the cakes and went to his house.

Willy was still at work and so the gang, as usual, dota-ed on one single com and the others just squeeze around and watch.the wait was quite long,but finally he came back.he din't expect us to be around for his birthday as the celebration was meant to be a suprise.the shoes were all hid in the cupboard and all of us hid behind the door.finally he came in and there we caught him so memalu *shy shy* as our presence was a big suprise to somebody should have took pic of how we finished up the cakes,we were like cavemen.the cakes were all squashed around and they just look unedible when actually they taste real nice.haha.ok AS USUAL again,all of us went dota-ing at some CC.

on our way there we experienced this scary incident.charles was driving at a reasonable speed of 90km/h on the highway but suddenly we felt this hard bang on the back of the car, the car skidded around the direction of at that moment, all of us in the car, our eyes opened big and mouths opened wide.luckily charles was quick enough to react and turned the steering back.obviously, the guy hit and the way he was driving we were guessing he was drunk-driving that's why.scary scary...and we wer there at the me who is not that into dota only played the last was 4pm by the time we realized.

went back and guessed what?we still did not want to sleep!as they agreed earlier to swim,we all have no choice but to follow since we already agreed.swam not even 15 mins and the guards came cox we were a bunch of noisy fellas.and by right,we are not allowed to swim at that hour.DUH!but the guard went off,and we continued with our fun.and the smart me suggested to play water polo!wooh.funfun.seriously.3 others went up and how not fun can it be when 8 lively young man playing water polo in a pool at the wee hours?!we were playing like nobody's business,like as if people don't need to sleep.haha.and ooh sexy,we got to see each other's macho body.hahaz!fun times~ swam till 6 and we were dead tired.went up and i straightaway find myself a couch and slept half-naked.too tired to move a muscle.

and yeah the next day we were late for church service.i know we are a bunch of bad kids.uh huh -_- though i have stayedover at charles' place for many times, seriously lose count,but that was one of my greatest stayover ever.nice experience dudes!


Sat, 26/07/2009
rushed in from JB after teenz for Jing Yu's's at The Chevrons in Jurong East which is quite near my house!i walked from the JE MRT though,cox i din't know the exact i know.haha.ok when i reached there and there wasn't much food left.ah...expected-.- but nvm no one goes to parties just for the food ya,it's the fun of getting there were alex's frens,and the other group was my classmates.ah random fooling around in the room,not playing anything cox they have already got bored with the games since i was late and some went home already=.= oh the cake was not bad,its my fav white choc=)

ah the fun came when many left and the few of us went to the bar in that chalet.wooh.people were singing,people were playing pool=) i just can recall myself singing a few songs,which i think i suck cox i haven't open my voice,and playing a few games of pool with Jing Yu's tenant.ah like how we see on tv when people lose a game then drink a cup of beer,ah that cool i am ok with drinking,since i have my mum's genes who is a Beer Queen.(i have her genes of damn good at eating hot stuff too) i nearly awarded him the Dragon Ball 七龙珠 for the 1st game when i missed the aim on the black shit when i lost in the end cox my black ball was in a REALLY sucky position.crap the end i lose 2 won 1.ok that was 2 big cups.whatever.just counting,i drank 2 big cups + 1 can of carlsberg earlier on.sweat.i am neutral to beer,can really drink but just don't really like that nasty taste.anyway i know i won't get drunk.hahaz.i seldom drink too so its ok for this once-in-a-while experience.

went back the chalet to sleep and the adults really damn energetic though some guy have already got drunk.they still had the energy to play mahjong!madness.couldn't sleep for a while cox of the noise and the snore,but then when i really did,by the time i woke up it was already packed,ate lunch and here i am now recalling the experiences...


shit la my pool standard dropped after touching it for 2 weeks.crapp.i need to play with alex again someday.

so damn sien of typing liao.tired.gotta study now.tata!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Tagged by Isabell aka PARIA.

-sing to whatever songs the second i hear its a bad habit if i turn on iTunes while studying.
- laugh exhiliratingly at the joked cracked anywhere anytime.sweat.
- answer back teacher with some spastic/sarcastic replies.
- can't stand a meal without kiang also must have a bit,cucumbers are the bare minimum.
- attracted to clothing shops and have the feeling of buying the clothes,in the end won't.
- scratch out the blackheads on my nose.
- look at myself closely through mirrors or reflections, even if its in a public place-.-
- not looking to the left or right of the people i am walking past.
- many times in the dilemma of choosing clothes to wear out,have to fold them back after that=.=
- envious towards guys that are taller than me whenever i see one.
- has the urge to play pool ALMOST all the time=)

anyone wants to do this can do lah,but not much ppl who visits my blog blogs,so i don't think will have response.haha.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Blessed are those who dwell in Your house
They are ever praising You
Blessed are those whose strength is in You
Whose hearts are set on our God

We will go from strength to strength
Until we see You face to face

Hear our prayer
Oh Lord, God almighty
Come bless our land
As we seek You
Worship You

For You are holy
For You are holy
For You are holy, Lord