Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i've got something to share

ok here is the dark grey v-neck long sleeve that i just bought! guess how much? highlight the words after this sentence and u will know... $21.50. effin cheap rite? i know i know. haha. i shall story tell what happened.

so i was shopping for joey's present, so i bought the things for him already, so i went pass bossini, so i saw purple polo tee that was on sale for only $15, so i went around to see if there is other things that i want, so i actually wanted to buy the purple polo tee, so i saw this v-neck which was priced at $43, so i thought it was already very affordable, so i picked this instead of the purple polo tee, so i already wanted to pay the full price, so the cashier told me there is 50% discount, so i bought it at half price, so i was happy that i got what i wanted! weee. how nice rite:)

this really make my day u know. i know it might seem dumb to u, but it is really happy to get something u really want at such a low price. have been finding something like that for so long, found alot of nice ones but they are like priced at 70+ 80+? mad dogs only will buy them la. haha. anyway below are photos of this v-neck from other angles in case u hate my effin face. LOL.

LOL and let me storytell another matter about what happened at bossini: side story:) when i was choosing the clothes so this salesgirl was busy arranging clothes. then i kept asking her about getting me the S sizes and stuff. then she keep looking at me, like walao. so i bought this v-neck and i see if i still can get any cheap stuff or not, then i asked her about pants which was sold at $29.00. she says that is girl's cutting. LOL. then she damn lame suddenly talked to me.

Salesgirl: are u Singaporean?
Me: err...ya? why?
Salesgirl: then why are u shopping alone?
Me: erm oh i was waiting for a friend so i came in and shop.
Salesgirl: girlfriend ah? sure one la. haha
Me: erm no *laughing away* (thinking to myself when did i have a gf?-.-)
Salesgirl: aiya u want pants why not go to bugis street and buy?
Me: i don't like the quality there. their pants are like thin u noe. like going to tear apart soon.
Salesgirl: eh u are in Singapore leh, u want to wear so thick for what?
Me: aiya no la not that i want it thick la i just want good quality. i bought a pants before in Jean Perrie though it cost a lot but the colour, cutting and quality are all there.
Salesgirl: haha ok la i know u rich la.
Me: ok la whatever la i gotta go. bye:) nice talking to u.

after the whole thing i could only LOL damn hard. maybe this is the 1st time i encounter a salegirl that have friendly convo with thier customer, at least in Singapore. and she looks like she is around my age. i ain't sure what she was trying to hit though, if the target was me i really LOL loud and hard lo pls-.- ok she looks ok but i definitely don't try hard to talk to someone or consider anyone if i am not familiar with them. LOL.
ok this is about it. i want to share this blessing with u guys because i want u all to have a grab at bossini too! i asked and they say the offer will be around 1 month. while stocks last, u know XD.
ciao.i talked alot of crap today, i know. really gtg. see u folks!

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